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Congratulations GCSE Students - You Have Earned Your Success

posted Aug 30, 2016, 7:35 AM by rmatheson@academiesenterprisetrust.org   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 12:18 PM by Caroline Dansey ]
The heat was definitely on for students awaiting their GCSE results and the pressure was high, but this did not stop them from delivering some excellent performances across AET academies. Ryde Academy, Felixstowe Academy, Four Dwellings, Maltings and Kingswood were among those celebrating record breaking results. Congratulations to them all, their wonderful academy staff and their very proud parents. Here are some outstanding individual performances across our network of schools.
Tom Kral, Jack Millward and Oliver Bacon celebrate their results at Ryde Academy on the Isle of Wight.
At Bexleyheath Academy Megan Rowland achieved 6 A* and 4 A; Ashar Magoba 6 A*, 3 A and 1 B; Sumendra Sakya 4 A*, 4 A and 2 B; Omolabake Salau 2 A*, 6 A and 2 B; James Barron 1 A*, 7 A and 2 B; and Tiffany Con 3 A*, 6 A, 1 B and 1 C. Bexleyheath students are photographed celebrating their top marks.

At Clacton Coastal Academy Phuong Bui achieved 6 A* and 5 A grades, as well as an A grade in AS French. Luke Harrison, Thomas Lawrence, Shannon McCrossan, Lucien Rousselle all achieved 7 A* and A grades. Students making the top levels of progress included Reece Watkins, Thomas Elliott and Luke Bimson (Head boy). 

Individual student successes at Cordeaux Academy in Lincolnshire include highest achieving female student Chloe Day 3 A*, 5 A, 2 B and 1C; and highest achieving male student Lewis Cole 2 A*, 5 A, 2 B, 1C. Other individual students performance of note include: Gemma Dodds 3 A*, 3 A, and 2 C; Georgia Goddard 2 A*, 6A, 1B, 1C; Isla O’Brien 2A*, 3 A, 3B, 2C; and Natalia Kaye 3 A, 6 B, 1C. 

Outstanding students at Kingsley Academy in west London this year included Amarpreet SB, Shyana G and Hamsa Z (10 A*/A each) and Moataz A, Tharini V and Kimrinjeet M, (each earning 9 A*/A). Staff are also hugely proud of students whose personal progress has been way in advance of government expectations, such as Ola A, Rajat P, Yuliya B and Taleb H. 

Among the highest achievers at New Forest Academy in Hampshire outstanding performances include Zoe Gough: 8 A*, 1 A, 1 B grades; Emily Lanham: 4A*, 1A, 3B, 2C (pictured right); Denver Marchment: 3A*, 4A, 1B, 2C and Elissa Gillies; 2 A*, 7 A, 1 B ; Jamie Gostt; 2 A*, 5 A, 2 B, and 1 C ; and Sapphire Southwell: 2 A*, 3 A and 5 B grades.

Meanwhile in West London Mak Dedic at Richmond Park Academy achieved 2A*, 5 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 C and wants to study maths, chemistry, physics and further maths at A Level at RPA. He has ambitions to go to the London School of Economics. He said, “I missed another A* by 1 point! However, I am looking forward to the next stage of my education at RPA. I want to read economics at university eventually.” 

Mary Beaty was delighted with her 5 A*, 2 A and 1 B. Mary wants to study maths, further maths, art, chemistry or biology and is likely to remain at RPA for her 6th form study. “I am torn between staying at RPA with teachers I know and trust or looking for a new start elsewhere.”

For many GCSE students their achievement was just as remarkable even if they did not get top marks: overcoming great odds to be successful. Victorious Charlie Vickers Special mention at Clacton Coastal Academy goes to Charlie Vickers (pictured) who was rushed to hospital in year 10 and has been unable to get into the classroom for most of the year. But supported by study centre staff he achieved three As, four Bs and 1 C.

Abbie Overcame Dyslexia

A diagnosis of dyslexia threatened to throw Abbie Fraser’s education off track. 

Struggling in class, her behaviour became affected while at primary school. But, with the necessary support put in place once she reached Maltings Academy in Essex, she has gone on to achieve one A grade, five Bs and two C grades in her GCSEs. 

Now full of confidence, the 16-year-old is heading to Witham Sixth Form to study A-level English and business plus BTEC media and IT. 

Abbie, who wants to be a criminal defence lawyer, said: “I was not expecting those results at all! I was hoping to get good grades as I’ve worked so hard, staying at school all the time I could.
Sophie Wright is thrilled with her Distinction Star in BTEC Dance

Excellent Attainment was achieved at Firth Park Academy in Sheffield by Emily Davidson and Anna Mwansomeka Mutale ( Head Girls) with 8 A*/A grades each; Katwamba Mutale and Corey Hawksworth Head Boys) with 17 GCSEs of B grade or better between them, both achieving more than a grade higher than expected progress across all their subjects.
Triple Honours In a remarkable family achievement, Anna Mwansomeka Mutale, Katwamba Mutale and Nkula Mutale, triplets at Firth Park, each achieved around two grades more progress on average than that expected for them when they began their secondary education.

Two male students at Four Dwellings Academy, Jake Roberts (left) and Kevin Pepmarku each gained 12 A* - C passes enabling the Birmingham based academy's pass rate in 5 or more A* - C in English and Maths up 12% to 52%.

Jumping for Joy
At The Rawlett School in Tamworth students are jumping for joy having, on average, achieved half a grade higher in every subject than similar students nationally. Francesca Benson achieved over 2 grades more in every subject, Brendan Wiseman 1.9 grades higher. Amy Hull, Charlotte Clark, Josh Sansoni and Josh Shaw all achieving 1.5 grades higher than similar students nationally. 
The highest attaining students were William Pritchard (in the hoops) with 9A* and 2A, Nathan Phillips (6A* and 5A), Rafe Alston (7A*, 2A and 2B) with Sarah Cannon and Matthew Cook each achieving 5A*, 5A and 1B.

At Sandown Bay Academy on the Isle of Wight top performers in the group photo include Daisy Faithfull who achieved 7 x A*s and 4 x As; Henry Mudge 4 x A*s, 6 x As and 1 x B; Adam Davis 3 x A*s, 6 x As, 2 x Bs and 1 x C; Jordan Allen 2 A*s, 6 As, and 2 Bs; Claire Santos 3 x A*s, 6 x As and 3 Bs; Siobhan Quinn 1 x A*, 8 x As and 1 x B; Amy Birch 1 x A*, 8 x As and 2 x Bs; Niamh Moran 1 x A*, 6 x As and 4 x Bs; Conor Plenty who achieved 10 x As and 3 x Bs; and Martin Callieu who achieved 1 x A*, 9 x As, 1 x B and 1 x C.

In Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, top performing Year 11 students at Sir Herbert Leon were Raihaan Ali (pictured) who secured 6 A*s, 3 As and 1 B grade, Cameron Sinclair who secured 2 A*, 2 As and 6 B grades, Rahima Hussain who secured 4 As, 5 Bs and 1 C grade and Dorina Csorba who gained 2 A*s, 3 As and 4 Bs.