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Congratulations To The Class of 2017

posted Aug 25, 2017, 5:52 AM by Richard Sparks   [ updated Aug 29, 2017, 2:11 AM ]

Against a tide of major change in the structure and grading of GCSE examinations, students across AET academies have achieved, and are celebrating, outstanding personal success due to their outstanding efforts and fantastic support from their schools and families.

Beginning at Swallow Hill Academy in Leeds congratulations to Kornelija Devialtovskyte who has achieved Level 9 in both English Language and Maths and A* in all her other subjects. Kornelija will now be moving on to Notre Dame College to study A Levels as the next step to going to university.

Kornelija Devialtovskyte


Joshua Mulryne at Tendring Technology College in Essex was one of many AET students across the country who hit the jackpot with a maximum of three 9s in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics. He also scored seven A*'s in his other subjects. Colleague Katelyn Gibson gained a 9 in maths, 9 in English Language and an 8 in English Lit with seven A*'s in her other subjects.

Proud Katelyn (third left) and Joshua (third right)

Among some excellent individual performances at Kingswood Academy in Hull Dylan Aziz achieved seven A*'s and three A's, including a grade 9 in Maths, putting him in the top 2 per cent of students nationally.

At Rawlett Academy in Tamworth Evan Shipman achieved the maximum three grade 9's - along with five A* and two A's. Tyla Sleet and Gregory Stokes gained the new grade 9 in both English Language and Literature.

Samuel Pollard at Broadlands Academy in Keynsham near Bristol gained the maximum three grade 9s and 6 A*'s while Katherine Edgar achieved six A*’s and two grade 9's. There was a double success for the Lloyd family with sisters Kelsey and Kristina achieving an outstanding eighteen A's and A*'s between them.

Among the highest achievers at Firth Park Academy in Sheffield are Reem Murshad with nine A*/A (9-7/D*-D); Vithusan Sundaram and Amira Fadoul with seven A*/A (9-7/D*-D); as well as Nura Hassan and Ferencz Klausz with six A*/A (9-7/D*-D).

Jay Ayliffe at Richmond Park Academy in west London was also among the elite with three 9's, five A*'s and two A's. Jay was delighted with his results and will be taking them with him for the next stage of his education studying for the International baccalauréat.

Jay celebrates

Music loving twins Taliesin and Samuel Consentino-Hunter can be very pleased with their haul of excellent GCSE results totalling four A*'s, six A's, one 9, three 8's, two 7's, two B's an one C and are both looking forward to studying music, maths and creative media in 6th form.

Feeling Phenomenal

Head boy Charlie Campbell achieved the best overall results at Clacton Coastal Academy which included two grade 9's and one grade 8. Charlie admitted: "I was worried before opening my results, I now feel phenomenal! I am now going to the college I wanted to study Maths and Science."

Amongst those celebrating at Felixstowe Academy in Suffolk were Lucy Borrett, Yasmin Payne and Emma Borrett, who all achieved grade 9 in Maths on results day. Yasmin said: "I am so relieved to have my grades confirmed! I have been going over exam scripts and checking mark schemes to try and predict what grade I might have achieved."

Sisters Emma and Lucy Borrett achieved identical results with six A*/A grades each to accompany their grade 9 in Maths. Emma shared her happiness that the wait for Results Day was finally over saying: "The new Maths exam was hard and I am so glad I started my revision plan in September. That, along with after school sessions, really helped to prepare me. The stress is finally over - I am so happy!"

King of Results

At Nightingale Academy in north London Robel Asmelash, scored maximum 9's in both English Literature and Maths. He also achieved a grade 5 in English Language, plus four A grades and two B grades. He is hoping to study A-level maths, physics, further maths and computer science, with the ambition to become a software developer. Robel exclaimed: “I am proud of my results; in fact, I’m pretty speechless about the grade 9's. That’s the king of king of results."

Robel Asmelash

Meryemcan Meydan achieved the top grade 9 in English Literature, as well as grade 8 in English Language and grade 7 in maths. She also picked up two A* grades, four A grades and one B. She is looking to study English Literature, maths, history and psychology, possibly at Nightingale’s sixth form.

Top female students at Bexleyheath Academy in south east London were Ruby Moore, Grace Masters and Jaspreet Virdi with top male students being Bobby Kane-Fearn, George Allen and Toby Smith. Ruby achieved four A* grades, two A's, one 9, one 8, one 7 and a Distinction* whilst Grace achieved three A* grades, two A's, two 9's, one 8, one Distinction* and one Merit.

Success Against All Odds

It is not only the high flyers who deserve our sincere praise after the publication of the 2017 GCSE results. Many young people have had to overcome extreme personal setbacks and challenges to achieve outstanding results. Here are our three top choices from among our academies: Nightingale Academy in London; Felixstowe Academy in Suffolk; and Firth Park Academy in Sheffield.

Nickola Michalak pic.jpg

When Nikola Michalak arrived in England from Poland at the age of ten, she spoke no English at all. She has now picked up strong passes in the new English GCSE, with grade 6 in both Language and Literature. She also collected two A* grades, one B, three C grades and another grade 6 in mathematics.

The 16-year-old student from Nightingale Academy, in north London, spent a whole year out of education when her family arrived in the country. With no brothers or sisters at home and a family without any English language, she spent months at home with no friends and no schooling.

She joined Nightingale in Year 7 and said: “I love school and so was excited and happy to meet new people, but I felt isolated before I started school as there were not any other Polish people around us. It was scary, but within weeks I had settled into Nightingale and started to learn English.”

Nikola said: “I was always the best in my class in Poland for maths and so when I started at Nightingale I was able to help my classmates. Even though I didn’t speak English, it was about numbers and so I could show them."

“This school and its teachers are something special. They are so encouraging and have taught me English.”

As well as helping out at Nightingale’s Polish School in the future, Nikola is staying at Nightingale for sixth form studies in English Literature and art. She wants to go on to university to study architecture.

Lost for Words

The biggest smiles at Felixstowe Academy are on the faces of Paula Birchall, Hope Rutterford and Kirsty Aberdein.

Hope, who has had Cerebral Palsy since birth, completed her GCSE courses with grades 5 and 4 in English, an A grade in Health and Social Care and three additional higher grade GCSE passes. Beaming as she celebrated her successes, Hope shared: "I am lost for words to describe how I feel. I am so happy. We had a good time in lessons."

Hope’s mum Kirstie (pictured left) was full of pride in her daughter explaining: "It is such an incredible day. When Hope was born it was touch and go as to whether she would survive, but now she has her GCSEs and is planning to take a business course in September. It goes to show that from humble beginnings Hope has been able to achieve great things. She already has a business plan in mind, so I can’t wait to see what Hope achieves in the future!"

Hope’s Key Worker, Paula Birchall (pictured right) added: "Hope’s hard work has paid off. She brings so much joy to those around her and I am also very proud of her!"

Value of Resilience

The third student has overcome severe personal difficulties to achieve examination success. Although not named for personal reasons he is a 16 year old student at Firth Park Academy in Sheffield and is a true role model of the academy's value of resilience. He suffered the sudden death of his mum, his lone carer, the month before the exams began. He then had to overcome the resulting threat of homelessness.

The fact that this student then managed to attain some of the highest grades after these traumatic experiences is extremely impressive and is a true measure of his outstanding character.