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Grand Opening of Pioneer's new 'Exploratorium'

posted Aug 24, 2015, 1:20 AM by Nicholas Basson   [ updated Aug 24, 2015, 1:21 AM ]
Tuesday 24 February saw the Grand Opening of our new ‘Exploratorium.'. This development provides us with an outside space where the younger students can play and explore – building dens and digging. 

Staff involved in the project from New Holland and the School were present at the ceremony along with school governors and the local press. Classes Blue 1 and 2 joined us and had their photos taken as they explored the area. 

It was the first time the children had been in the Exploratorium. It was a picture to see - the delight in some of their faces. Others were a little more cautious but were soon exploring the tyre tunnels and tractor cabs.

New Holland have generously funded the entire project, which is completed to a high quality, to mark their 50th anniversary celebrations. They also very kindly donated a further £500.00 for equipment. We have decided to use this money to buy new wellies and waterproof suits for the pupils to wear when exploring the area!

Once the weather improves use of the area will form part of the weekly timetable for the youngest students.