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posted Aug 21, 2015, 3:26 AM by Nicholas Basson   [ updated Aug 21, 2015, 3:26 AM ]

A letter has been published by Ofsted regarding their recent targeted inspection of 12 of our academies:


We released the following statement in response:

"We recognise the important role Ofsted plays in monitoring standards and we share its commitment to the highest levels of academic performance.

“However, the targeted inspection of 12 academies does not give the true picture of progress across our 77 academies. Since September 2013, 16 schools have been judged “good” and a further 3 “outstanding”. We have raised a number of issues with Ofsted about their interpretation of the data and potential errors of fact. In particular, we are concerned that the letter intended to summarise the 12 targeted inspections places an unfairly negative slant on the more balanced assessments in the reports themselves.

“Many of the academies inspected by Ofsted have a history of underperformance and have been with AET only for a short time. Turning a school around takes time, but we are acting to ensure a rapid and sustained improvement in these academies.

“Examination results in AET schools have been improving faster on average than other schools. This is demonstrated by a 6 percentage point increase in our Key Stage 2 results this year – while at A-level, the number of pupils achieving A* to B at AET academies improved significantly, even as the national average dropped. We are awaiting a final analysis of the 2014 GCSE results but last year saw a 5% rise in the percentage of pupils gaining 5 GCSE passes A*-C (English and Maths) across the group.”