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Noel Park Poetry Performers Go National Too

posted Aug 24, 2015, 2:24 AM by Nicholas Basson   [ updated Aug 24, 2015, 2:24 AM ]

Watch what these highly talented Year 1 pupils from the north London primary want to be when they grow up in their award winning video. It has earned them a unique opportunity to perform on a national stage. You can see them in action through this link.


Pupils of all ages at Noel Park Primary Academy took part in a competition run by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education in which they had to memorise and perform a piece of poetry on film. The academy selected the participating pupils, filmed them and submitted the video which highlighted the strength of acting talent across the school.

Two of the younger teams from Year 1 performed 'When I Grow Up' by Hilda Offen. They have been selected to reenact their powerful performances at The National Theatre on London's South Bank on Thursday 16 July.

Excellent work Noel Park. Enjoy your big day out!