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Our School

posted Sep 4, 2017, 1:23 AM by Nicholas Basson   [ updated Sep 5, 2017, 10:33 AM by Richard Sparks ]

Sheffield Academy Students Star In TV School Documentary Series 

As nervous eleven year olds across the country set off on their secondary school careers, the clear message from young people in a Sheffield AET academy is that the move will be fine and the gateway to new experiences and opportunities.

For 16 weeks beginning Tuesday 5 September at 5.25 pm, CBBC will be launching their third series of 'Our School,' the 'fly on the wall' documentary whi
ch reveals all the fun and challenges for Year 7 students during their first big year in secondary school. 

For a whole term, students at Firth Park Academy on Fircroft Avenue Sheffield were under the watchful eyes of 36 tv cameras around the school grounds. The CBBC
crew homed in on 40 young people, both in and outside the classroom, as they learned a new way of school life, made new decisions and won over new friends.

In the first episode we meet Olivia and Abdul embarking on their first day at Firth Park Academy. Abdul has an older sister at school who gives him some useful advice, but for Olivia it is a whole new experience. We also meet teacher Ben Shore, who is also starting at Firth Park and will be in charge of one of the Year 7 groups we follow in the series. 

The highlight of the series was the opportunity for Olivia and Roman to spend a week with a Kenyan school community, Memusi, to see for themselves the huge difference UK fundraising has made to the lives of young people. Ten years ago school life began with six pupils learning in a simple shelter. Now 350 enjoy the educational opportunities learning in 11 permanent classrooms. Olivia and Roman not only shared their school experiences but also the two hour daily walk to school and back!

The series also highlights students meeting and working with celebrities on 'Our School 3', including England international rugby union player, Ben Foden; Strictly Come Dancing professional, Chloe Hewitt; and Great Britain's Paralympic gold medal winner, Claire Cashmore . Other notable events were a school sleepover, canoeing, setting up 'pop up' businesses at Meadowhall, getting close up to alpacas and 'staff rapping.' 

Mr Dean Jones, Principal at Firth Park Academy, said: "Inviting a television production team to be part of your school for more than a term, bringing cameras into lessons and along corridors could be a daunting proposition. We hoped it would prove an opportunity to celebrate the many positive moments that happen in our school day by day, as well as increase the range of opportunities our students have in the first term of their transition to secondary school. 

"I firmly believe both these goals have been achieved through participation in the filming of 'Our School.' The series that shows students at Firth Park Academy are of positive character and full of potential, whilst their teachers care enough to go above and beyond for their students." 'Our School 2' was also exclusively filmed in an AET academy, Greenwood Academy in Birmingham, and televised from September to December 2016.