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What we offer

Staff Benefits

Career Development
  • Apprenticeships
  • Financial Support towards achieving further Qualifications
  • Leadership Programmes
  • Progression Opportunities
  • Teacher Training Programmes
Family Friendly
  • Childcare vouchers – If you are using registered or approved childcare, you can choose to take part of your salary in childcare vouchers to pay for it which are Tax and National Insurance free. This means you get extra value from your pay packet each month.
  • JTRS Apple Product Store–Employees, students and families are eligible to purchase a range of Apple products at preferential terms.
  • EAG Essex Auto Group –Employees are eligible to receive preferential terms on the purchase of new vehicles within the EAG range of vehicle bands they offer. EAG also offer vehicle servicing and repairs, and hold an agency with Motability for those who require a vehicle to their specific disability needs.
  • Pension
Health and Wellbeing
  • Hi-Tec Sport – Hi-Tec offer staff, students, and parents of the Group a discount on all footwear purchased directly from Hi-Tec via its online store.
  • BHSF – The Group works in partnership with BHSF, to support our health and wellbeing agenda. BHSF provides access to support services and employee benefits.