Academies Enterprise Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The overarching responsibility for governance of the Group’s academies lies with the Group’s Board of Trustees. There are separate Boards for LAET (London Academies Enterprise Trust) and Unity City Academy.

The members of the Board of Trustees have overall responsibility for core strategic governance functions. They are also the directors of the charitable company. They are responsible for ensuring the company achieves its objectives, as well as compliance with charity and company law and the Group’s funding agreement.

We have responsibilities for 65 academies. The AET Board of Trustees is a single legal entity and they are accountable for all the academies in the chain.

To ensure effective accountability, this means that an additional layer of governance is required through the delegation of some governance functions to local governing bodies, made up of local governors. Each academy has a local governing body to which the trustees delegate some governance functions.

The details of delegated powers to local governing bodies are set out in the Group’s terms of reference for local governing bodies and our Scheme of Delegation.

The Group's Governance Structure 

The Board of Trustees, local governing bodies and academy leaders also work

closely with the Group’s Executive Board and Regional Education Advisers.

Support for Local Governing Bodies Our local governing bodies work with academy principals and are supported by the Group’s team of regional directors of education and regional education advisers. They are also supported by the Group’s governor services team. The administration of each local governing body is managed by a clerk. Our governor services team is led by the Group’s Head of Governor Services, who is responsible for the strategic leadership and development of local governance across the Group. There are also two Governance Support Officers that support local governing bodies, clerks and academy leaders on a regional basis.
Governance Support
Are you interested in becoming a Governor?

If you feel that you would like to join one of AET’s academies as a governor and believe that you have the skills, experience and time to commit to this important role, we would be more than happy to hear from you by completing the application form that can be found here.