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AET are very pleased to announce that the Group has met or exceeded all our predictions for the key 2015 measures.

We are delighted that our pupils have shown a clear and positive three-year trend of improvement in both attainment, closing the gap considerably with the national average, and continuing to show excellent progress.

77% of our Year 6 pupils achieved level 4 or above in reading, writing and mathematics, this is a 6 percentage points increase from 2014 and closes the gap on the national average and is a significant achievement.

Our overall results in the three progress measures have improved and show that our primary academies, across the group, have achieved results above the 2014 national averages.

A significant number of our primary academies achieved their best ever results and have seen substantial increases from 2014. This is down to the hard work, determination and commitment of our pupils staff and governors.

There are 33 primary academies in AET and 1352 pupils in Year 6 across the group; congratulations to all of them.