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Key Stage 4 Results

Click here for a summary of results across all secondary AET academies 2011-2015.

KS4 Results | 2016

Based on 29 secondary academies, the proportion of students achieving 5+ A* to C including English and Mathematics has increased by 3.4% from 41.0% in 2015.

The proportion of students achieving A* to C in English and Mathematics has increased by 3.6% to 49.1%from 45.5% in 2015. 17 of the 29 academies improved on last years performance. 

Academies with the biggest improvements for A* to C in English and Mathematics are:

- Bexleyheath Academy in Kent up 20% to 46.9%

- Sir Herbert Leon Academy in Milton Keynes up 19% to 40.2%

- Kingswood Academy in Hull up 17% to 50.4%

- Ryde Academy on the Isle of Wight up 16% to 53.8%

- Winton Community Academy in Hampshire up 16% to 54.5%

The percentage of pupils achieving A*-C in English (Best of English Language and English Literature) has increased significantly compared to 2015 with a 9.3% rise from 57.7% in 2015. 23 academies improved on last years performance and brought the AET Group figure up to 67%.

Results in mathematics fell slightly from 55.7% in 2015 to 54.9% of pupils achieving A*-C in 2016. A larger decrease was seen nationally (2.3 percentage points).

The proportion of entries for the English Baccalaureate increased and attainment remained in line with 2015. The percentage of pupils entered for the EBacc increased by 3.7 percentage points to 22.7% in 2016. The percentage of pupils achieving the EBacc remained in line with the previous year at 10.4%