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The IT Service Desk is available via support@academiesenterprisetrust.org or by calling 0845 4530076. The IT Service Desk is the first point of contact for academies that want support for IT procurement, technical, eLearning, project or ePromotion. With clear service level agreements in place the support desk can answer questions from how to update the website to software licence queries.
IT Services
  • A single service-desk for escalation of IT support and development
  • eLearning staff driving eLearning development in academies
  • Academy e-mail and document storage systems
  • Academy Website and the Intranets
  • IT Procurement
  • Project management of major IT and eLearning projects
  • Resource support for core infrastructure
  • Service Desk

    The eLearning team will work with academies to produce a localised eLearning strategy based upon learning outcomes that will promote and encourage the use of technology to support improvement in student attainment.

    Engaging partners, arranging loan equipment, creating opportunities within social media and games based learning. Encouraging the direct involvement of learners themselves as eLearning mentors for other students and children.

    Providing support and development for the Google platform to support the very latest in developments to staff and students.

    Move to the Cloud

    The longer-term IT strategy is to move academies to a more cloudy way of working. This fits the direction that IT is moving generally and will reduce academy costs significantly. It will also benefit students as cloud technologies will be standard in their work environment once they leave school.

    We will support academies to identify how they can move to a more cloudy operating model and will provide support for planning, business change and CPD/training.
    Project Management
      Whether embarking on a small project or a large sale re-build project, IT will be at the core. The IT department offers expert project managers to support the process, develop project plans, budgets and ensure the projects are delivered on time, and on budget.
      Academy Websites and Portal
        The academy websites are provided to support academies in sharing information with stakeholders and its community.

        The website are customisable at academy level with support within the IT team to aid development. The academy portal offers staff access to information and resources at their fingertips.
        IT Procurement
          IT procurement and management are a major investment for every academy and involve ongoing costs. Some costs are immediately obvious, such as purchase of hardware, but some are less obvious, such as software licences or technical support.

          We will deliver group purchasing arrangements to reduce academy costs and support academies to ensure they are aware of the full range of IT expenditure that an academy may need to fund including the ongoing costs of upgrading and replacing IT infrastructure. The plan will show the dates that vital equipment should be replaced and the approximate costs.
          Resource Support

          We use our industry contacts within vendors such as Toshiba, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, VMWare, Lego, Samsung and Google to ensure academies have access to the latest technologies that can enhance and extend to capabilities of an academy infrastructure.