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Contact: Clive Hammond, Head of Procurement
Procurement Services
  • Undertaking tendering and quotation exercises
  • Sourcing products quickly and efficiently
  • Entering into leasing contracts
  • Identifying where better value for money can be achieved by undertaking a procurement audit of your academies spend
Central procurement of large spend items
  • Supporting tenders exercises
  • Ensuring compliance with the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015
Framework agreements for quick procurement
  • Access to and signpost a wide range of framework contracts put in place by the various buying organisations
  • By constantly reviewing the various agreements to ensure that the best possible prices are achieved
Energy management
  • Access to our energy purchasing arrangement with LASER Energy, ensuring the best prices are achieved
  • Work in conjuction with your academy and the Estates and Facilities Management team to reduce energy consumption
  • In conjunction with LASER Energy, we will monitor your bills for errors and correct these avoiding unnecessary costs being incurred
  • Provide access to LASER Energy’s web based “Systemlink” solution for academies to enable academies to better manage their energy spend