How We Select Our Trainees

The AET TSA are looking for inspiring, innovative and committed trainee teachers who are passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subject specialism. They have a desire to share this with young people of all abilities in the secondary age range and make a real difference to young people's lives and futures. 

Before interview it is desirable that you: 
  1. Have passed the NCTL Skills Tests in Literacy and Numeracy. 
  2. Have visited a local school and arranged to volunteer regularly in order to observe and gain experience of how teaching and learning is organised in an educational environment. 
  3. Have read and can discuss current educational thinking e.g. The Times Educational Supplement (available on Fridays or online at or the Department for Education website.
For guidance on what to include within your personal statement and what may be included in an interview, please click here.

Candidates whose application form shows that they meet our short-listing criteria will be invited to an Interview Day. Candidates are also encouraged to have passed the 2 NCTL Professional Skills Tests in Literacy and Numeracy prior to attending interview.

The selection process will usually involve:
  1. A tour of the academy 
  2. A classroom based task - You will be told in advance about the content of the lesson and the age group you will be teaching 
  3. Time with staff/departments 
  4. Formal interview 
  5. A written task 
If you are successful at the school interview, our university partner will also invite you to an interview day at the Institute of Education.