The School Direct Course Structure

Aims of the Course
  1. To provide outstanding quality training for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with the opportunity to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). 
  2. To ensure trainees benefit from excellent school led training with strong mentor support, in-depth study of relevant theoretical frameworks and observation of outstanding practitioners. 
  3. To fulfil trainees potential and increase the supply of well trained, fully qualified and inspirational teachers across the Academies Enterprise Trust.
Course Structure

  • School Direct is a full time, modular school-led teacher training route, where participating schools recruit and select their own trainees with the expectation that they will then work within the school where they trained. 
  • Your main placement will be at the academy that you apply for all of whom excel at training and developing their staff. At the end of the programme you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). 
  • School Direct Training Programme students will join other School Direct and/or PGCE students on their specific courses. 
  • Students join the academy at the start of the academy term - prior to the start of the PGCE element. This allows you time to familiarise yourself with the Academy, staff and pupils. 
  • During the course you will spend some time in a primary school/secondary school depending on the phase you are training in, as it is very valuable for you to see the contrast from your main setting as well as gaining an understanding of teaching and learning at different key stages. 
  • You will also complete a Second Placement at a contrasting school and the length and dates of these will vary with different accrediting Universities/Providers. 
  • The course will finish at the end of June. School Direct students spend the period of June completing assignments and undergoing additional experiences, workshops and sessions. In most cases the assessment of the students' teaching practice is completed at the end of May (led by the academy). The accrediting boards meet in early July to discuss the students and make recommendations for the award of QTS and PGCE.
What will your timetable look like?

Participating schools usually want their School Direct (Tuition Fee) trainees to teach at least 4-5 hours a week from the start. We recommend that trainees start observing in the first two weeks and then progress to about this level and gradually build up their teaching over the year. 

School Direct (Salaried) trainees are not necessarily supernumerary and may have up to a 40% timetable to start with but you will need to clarify this with your main placement school as the timetables will vary throughout England, depending on the academy and the accrediting HEI/Provider. 

Trainees teach around 50-60% of a full timetable by the end of the programme but applicants should clarify this with their host school. In no circumstances is a school direct trainee whether Tuition Fee or Salaried, allowed to teach more than an 80% timetable.