What will your timetable look like?

Participating schools usually want their School Direct (Tuition Fee) trainees to teach at least 4-5 hours a week from the start. We recommend that trainees start observing in the first two weeks and then progress to about this level and gradually build up their teaching over the year.

School Direct (Salaried) trainees are not necessarily supernumerary and may have up to a 40% timetable to start with but you will need to clarify this with your main placement school as the timetables will vary throughout England, depending on the academy and the accrediting HEI/Provider.

Trainees teach around 50-60% of a full timetable by the end of the programme but applicants should clarify this with their host school. In no circumstances is a school direct trainee whether Tuition Fee or Salaried, allowed to teach more than an 80% timetable.