Teach First

Teach First is a part of a movement for change - an idea and a commitment to do something important. At the heart of the Teach First strategy to end educational inequality is our Leadership Development Programme (LDP).

The Leadership Development Programme is an intensive two-year programme that combines your development as a practising teacher with personal and business skills training, internship opportunities, mentoring and access to our ambassador network and supporters.

Exactly how your journey evolves will be up to you – this is your journey, and, while there are a number of fixed requirements along the way, we expect you to take the lead in shaping your route.

Whatever opportunities you decide to take up, we want you to focus at all times on how you can best impact the lives of the young people in your classes.

Through the programme, you will acquire the skills to become a leader and teacher, and you’ll learn how to adapt to new situations. You’ll learn about yourself: what your strengths are, what you need to work on. Most of all you’ll identify ways to use your drive and passion to raise aspirations in schools, challenge educational inequality and help children and young people to realise their full potential.

If you are interested in Teach First, please contact us on:

0845 453 0060 or email: Teacher Training on teachertraining@academiesenterprisetrust.org 

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