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Jo Bridgeman

posted Oct 8, 2015, 7:24 AM by Richard Sparks   [ updated Oct 8, 2015, 7:24 AM ]

SLE Specialism: Art

Jo was previously an AST in Art and is currently an SLE for teaching and learning. She has organised a range of programmes to help improve teachers and move them towards a grade 1 in their teaching. This has included running a 2-1 programme and an outstanding conference. These have had a continued positive outcome on improving teaching across the Academy.

Jo is now part of the teaching and learning action group within Greensward Academy and she is involved with delivering training sessions and helping support staff to improve their knowledge of what makes a lesson outstanding.

Denise Wright

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SLE Specialism - Early Years

Denise has been a teacher for 19 years and has worked at St James the Great Academy since 2009. She is the Early Years (nursery and reception) and Key Stage 1 leader.

Denise is also subject leader for ICT and PE. She mentors PGCE students and works with colleagues in other schools to develop a robust inter - schools moderation process.

Helen Johnston

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SLE Specialism: English

Helen has worked in education for ten years after gaining her BA and PGCE qualifications from The University of Leeds. Having taken on a number of leadership roles within the department, Helen was then fast tracked to become the new Head of English at a school in Barking and Dagenham. In this role she developed a large team consisting of OTTs, NQTs, GTPs, experienced staff and ASTs.

Helen then went on to become an Advanced Skills Teacher and the lead teacher in charge of Gifted and Talented students at a school in Harlow. In these roles she regularly delivered departmental and whole school CPD sessions on a range of areas such as suggested approaches and resources for the new English AQA GCSE specification, dealing with difficult behaviour and the power of debating. Helen also tracked and worked with borderline C/D and A*/A students in her daily teaching as well as delivering master classes, revision classes and parental support sessions to enable the learners to gain the best results possible.

In her role as English and Literacy Specialist Helen works with her peers in order to share and develop the best practice possible both within the classroom and outside of it. She is a passionate teacher, leader and manager and places the learners’ educational needs at the heart of her plans. With her high expectations, dedication and experience Helen is well placed to support fellow colleagues and learners to achieve their goals.

Pip Edwards

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SLE Specialism: History

Pip is an SLE who specialises in History, and is based at Greensward Academy. She successfully completed the OLEVI 'Outstanding Teacher Programme', and has led a successful department for over five years. She has had leadership responsibility for Literacy within the school and as part of this has show cased her ability to deliver effective CPD to other schools.

Pip has led a department which has been affiliated with the Prince's Teaching Institute for five years. As part of her work with them she was headhunted to work for the PTI as a subject specialist. Pip is also part of the SSAT 'Redesigning Schools 2040' agenda, and is part of a working party set with the mission to research best practice and compare international models.

Diana Mason

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SLE Specialism: Mathematics

Diana has been teaching for 12 years and has taught every year in the Primary range from Year 1 to 6. She is currently a Senior Leader at Ashingdon Primary Academy leading Mathematics.

Diana qualified as a Mathematics Specialist Teacher in 2011, studying the pedagogy of Mathematics from EYFS to Key Stage 3 and mentoring and coaching within schools. She also currently lectures in Mathematics for Billericay Educational Consortium, encouraging future teachers to promote a love of Mathematics in their own classrooms. Diana was thrilled to receive her SLE status in December 2013.

Lizzie Crane

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SLE Specialism: Mathematics

Lizzie has been working as a maths teacher for over 5 years and is currently running a rapidly improving department. She has a first class maths degree from Sussex University.

Lizzie’s particular strength lies in working with D/C grade boarder line groups, and has an excellent success rate in turning D grades into C grades. She has developed a number of strategies and teaching methods to assist with this as well having strength in data analysis and mock analysis.

Steve Williams

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SLE Specialism: Mathematics

Steve graduated in South Africa and began teaching in leading private schools where high standards were the norm and innovation was nurtured. In 2005, he was selected by the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program in the United States to teach in the USA for 3 years as a cultural ambassador. After that Steve moved to the United Kingdom where he has been teaching at Greensward Academy for the last 7 years.

Steve have gained immense benefit from teaching on three different continents over the last 25 years and he has had the opportunity to create a powerful vision of best practice from a variety of different schools. Each experience has enabled him to develop great insight into the needs of mathematics students and teachers across the globe.

He has a keen interest in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. In 2008, while teaching in the USA, he received national recognition from Promethean for work he had done with interactive whiteboards and for the resources he had designed for mathematics teachers. Steve was also a finalist for "teacher of the year" at Liberty Middle School in Georgia. The winner went on to receive a presidential award in Washington D.C.

Since teaching in the UK, Steve has received several nominations for a Pearson Teaching Award.

He also enjoys sharing resources and ideas with other teachers and has created several websites for the use of teachers, students and parents. Steve’s long term goal is to become an international consultant in mathematics education.

Angela Gibbons

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SLE Specialism: Modern Foreign Languages / ITT & NQT Development

Angela Gibbons trained via the SCITT route and went on to win National Teaching Award for secondary school teacher of the year in 2008. Angela has held a variety of posts in MFL, culminating in Director of Global studies.

Angela has supported MFL staff at all levels, from Head of department, new and existing staff to NQTs. Angela has led MFL specific training for the department on exam moderation and teaching and learning strategies.

Within a training school and now as a lead school in a Teaching school alliance, Angela has worked as a subject mentor and professional mentor for SCITT, PGCE and school direct trainees. Angela is now overall responsible for the training, monitoring and assessing of trainees at Greensward Academy.

Angela is responsible for the school experience programme, the interview process for new trainees and has also recently introduced a Science internship programme which provides ex students and the local community with the opportunity to work in a Science department as well as offering advice for future careers in teaching. She has written a comprehensive training programme which includes weekly training sessions.

Each session has a post session task, links to further reading and suggested evidence for the teaching standards. Some of these sessions are also attended by trainees from other schools. Angela also provides training for mentors and is an external tutor, quality assuring the training provision for ITT at other schools.

Dawn Cox

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SLE Specialism: Religious Education

Dawn has experience in a number of contexts including being ITT coordinator, Head of Department, Assistant Principal and AST.

She has a passion for teaching & learning and sharing good practice with colleagues. She is a Key Practitioner for RE & AfL in Suffolk and is also completing research on how iPads can impact learning.

Dawn has presented at AET conferences on the use of iPads at Felixstowe Academy and also at national level to share good practice in RE.

Dawn's areas of specialism include assessment for learning, data for learning & progress, middle leadership, using technology in teaching, Religious Education and Critical Thinking.

Clare O'Brien

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SLE Specialism: Science / Leadership of CPD

Clare has been a successful teacher for over 16 years and, previous to her current role as CPD and training co-ordinator, she was a successful head of science at a school in Essex.

She is currently part of the teaching and learning leadership team at Greensward Academy specialising in AFL. Clare was also involved in the initial stages of AFL nationally, working with Dylan William. She frequently leads CPD sessions for staff and mentors and coaches improving teachers.

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