Steve Williams

posted Oct 8, 2015, 7:11 AM by Richard Sparks   [ updated Oct 8, 2015, 7:11 AM ]
SLE Specialism: Mathematics

Steve graduated in South Africa and began teaching in leading private schools where high standards were the norm and innovation was nurtured. In 2005, he was selected by the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program in the United States to teach in the USA for 3 years as a cultural ambassador. After that Steve moved to the United Kingdom where he has been teaching at Greensward Academy for the last 7 years.

Steve have gained immense benefit from teaching on three different continents over the last 25 years and he has had the opportunity to create a powerful vision of best practice from a variety of different schools. Each experience has enabled him to develop great insight into the needs of mathematics students and teachers across the globe.

He has a keen interest in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. In 2008, while teaching in the USA, he received national recognition from Promethean for work he had done with interactive whiteboards and for the resources he had designed for mathematics teachers. Steve was also a finalist for "teacher of the year" at Liberty Middle School in Georgia. The winner went on to receive a presidential award in Washington D.C.

Since teaching in the UK, Steve has received several nominations for a Pearson Teaching Award.

He also enjoys sharing resources and ideas with other teachers and has created several websites for the use of teachers, students and parents. Steve’s long term goal is to become an international consultant in mathematics education.