Krystle Edwards

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SLE Specialism: English

My experience in a range of schools and previous role as key stage co-ordinator have led to my current role improving Teaching and Learning as well as Literacy across the Academy. My specialism is within English; I have also supported colleagues in subjects from PE to Science as well as primary schools to develop Literacy levels.

Our latest Ofsted review saw the English department as a strength within the school. My additional role leading Pupil Premium has involved working closely with HoDs to develop rigorous reviews of systems including data handling.

Stuart Mee

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SLE Specialism: English

Stuart Mee worked as Head of English faculty at Aylward Academy for five years, during which time the academy’s three and four levels progress figures reached far above national average levels. He is currently Executive Head of Languages, having taken over the management of the MFL department, and he is part of the Academy senior leadership team, with a whole school responsibility for implementation of homework.

Stuart is particularly interested in using data systems to track pupil progress and running interventions where appropriate. He is currently working on the introduction of Cognitive Acceleration in English in the curriculum and rolling out Moodle across the whole school.

Monika Hosker

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SLE Specialism: English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Monika has worked in education for fourteen years after gaining her BA in Education from The University of Warsaw and a Master’s Degree in Political Studies from The University of Greenwich. For the past eleven years Monika has been working at Kingsley Academy formerly known as Hounslow Manor.

Monika has accumulated a range of experience working as Humanities (History & RE) teacher, EAL teacher, Leader of Learning and Integrated Curriculum Subject Team Leader.

In her role as an AST, with specialisms in Teaching and Learning and Differentiation, Monika has been working successfully with Subject Teachers and Subject Team Leaders. She focused particularly on teaching strategies and developing whole school approaches to teaching and learning building individual capacity to teach outstanding lessons.

As a Professional Coordinating Mentor, Monika has developed a coherent, high quality professional development programme for ITTs and NQTs.

In her current role as Specialist Leader of Education in English as an Additional Language (EAL), Monika provides staff with guidance on effective approach to identifying the needs of EAL students through the use of appropriate interventions, assessment and monitoring procedures. She also provides sound advice to staff on how to best support the EAL students throughout the school. This involves:

Successful Induction of EAL students

Effective teaching strategies for bilingual learners at early stages of language acquisition and advanced bilingual learners

Target setting, assessment and enhancing achievement of bilingual learners

Working with parents with limited English

Melanie Bignold

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SLE Specialism: Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

In Melanie’s role at Aylward Academy, she has implemented ‘PGCE flooding’ which has involved the development of working partnerships with five London universities. The programme has successfully mentored over 70 post graduate (PGCE) and graduate (GTP) trainees during the past three years. The trainees have all rated their experience as ’outstanding’ or ‘good’ at the academy and her work has been recognised as an exemplar by universities. Ten of these trainees joined the academy as NQTs and five are key post-holders in the academy.

More recently, Melanie has focused on the recruitment, training and quality assurance of her School Direct trainees. She has four School Direct trainees currently training at Aylward Academy and next academic year she will have trainees in all faculties across the academy.

Melanie also leads on ‘Literacy across the Curriculum’ and has created an EAL focused ITE course for all trainees to pursue in their placements at Aylward Academy to support the delivery to their students.

Furthermore, she leads a team of coaches for the academy’s Initial Teacher Training Programme (ITTP) who are working with teachers to move from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘good’.

Linda Stone

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of CPD

Linda is committed to diversity and equality education and to the enhancement of learning, through working in partnership to ensure that all pupils achieve their potential.

Linda has 25 years of experience in the field of EAL, both in school and as a Local Authority consultant, as well as qualifications (including that of LILAC trainer) in this area. In addition to EAL, she is able to support schools in the areas of CPD (devising and delivering packages for all staff, including Associate and Support staff), Initial Teacher Training and Literacy.

Nathalie Faverjon

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of Curriculum

Since becoming assistant-vice principal at Aylward Academy, Nathalie has implemented and introduced many new initiatives that have significantly moved CPD forward.

Nathalie has greatly improved the quality of Teaching and Learning in the classroom, examples of which are the use of Iris Connect to support teachers becoming more reflective practitioners and the introduction and delivery of Lilac ( Language in Learning Across the Curriculum ) training resulting in an innovative Teaching and Learning Cycle being at the core of hteir Teaching and Learning Policy.

More recently, Nathalie has developed her expertise in the ITPP (Improving Teachers Performance Programme) which she has implemented internally to support colleagues and is also working very successfully with colleagues from another institution.

Nathalie is also an experienced NQT Induction Tutor and she has a deep understanding of all issues in relation to Teaching and Learning with a particular expertise in Thinking and Independent Learning Skills.

Elmaz Soyal

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of Curriculum

Since becoming curriculum leader at Aylward Academy, Elmaz has implemented and introduced many new initiatives that have significantly moved the Arts forward such as: curriculum changes that matches the needs of all students; enquiry based learning which has allowed our pupils to become independent learners; rigorous monitoring of teaching and learning and pupil progress; developing a team of outstanding staff that work exceptionally well together.

Elmaz is also a Teaching and Learning Ambassador, delivering CPD sessions on planning and AFL, creating successful schemes of works, managing behaviour as well as identifying and using data to support the curriculum in conjunction with examination and national guidelines. He is also an experienced moderator and has led other skilled professionals in the expectations of the assessment process and moderation in the Arts.

Candi Roberts

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SLE Specialism: Mathematics / Leadership of Curriculum

Candi has worked in an educational setting for 17 years spanning Pre-school to Year 6. She has led maths in two primary schools; is a phase leader and is active in raising teaching and learning standards. She has coached/ mentored colleagues/ NQTs and teaching students.

Candi is passionate about the use of manipulatives to ensure conceptual understanding and creating an exciting and engaging mathematical environment to raise attainment. She has worked in a County task team to engage parents and delivered early maths parents workshops. Candi was on the first cohort to complete the MaST program and recently received accreditation by NCETM as a Professional development Lead.

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