Jennifer Wright

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SLE Specialism: English

Jennie is currently Head of English Faculty for an improving school in Hampshire where she increased 3 levels of progress by 20% and A*-C by 20% in her first full year in the position. Jennie has 12 years of experience teaching English which include various TLRs in English and driving whole school improvement at KS5.

Jennie committed herself fully to the development of students and teachers through:

· The creation and enabling of successful, cohesive teaching teams;

· Effective coaching and mentoring;

· Supporting non-specialist understanding of taught English;

· Introduction of effective Teaching and Learning programmes - Thinking Skills, Independent Learning and modelling group work;

· Assessment and Feedback, and Assessment for Learning.

Toni Sambrook

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of CPD

Toni is currently Deputy Headteacher at Woodlands Community College in Southampton having been in this role since Sept 2012.

Prior to this Toni was Assistant Headteacher at Wildern Academy in Hampshire.

In both roles Toni's key role was the development of teaching and learning as well as CPD for all staff.

Charmaine Poulton

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of CPD

With a vision to enthuse, engage and empower, Charmaine is passionate about ensuring students receive the best learning experience to enable maximal progress. She holds the position of professional development coach at Everest Community Academy; she has developed the Accelerated Teaching and Learning Programme to support colleagues from all curriculum areas and levels of experience which has led to all graduates moving to good or outstanding teaching.

She has led AG&T which developed to G&T lead for North Hampshire, GCSE PE, Whole School Literacy, ITT and NQT induction and has a key role guiding and delivering the CPD programme. Charmaine has undertaken a Resident Inspector’s course and works closely with a serving HMI on teaching and learning.

Natalie Scott

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of Curriculum / Leadership of CPD / English

Natalie has been teaching English for 14 years and is still passionate about being in the classroom. She is an outstanding English teacher and former AST, has led and line managed English departments both in Hertfordshire, where she still lives, and on the Isle of Wight where she currently works from Monday to Friday each week.

She is a Lead Practitioner, SLE and member of the Senior Leadership Team at Ryde Academy and is currently responsible for whole school Teaching and Learning. Her work on improving teaching, supporting teachers, accurately observing lessons and on improved marking in the English department were all cited in the school's last OFSTED report. Her current whole school priorities are effective marking across the academy, improved questioning as an assessment tool and an improved quality of teaching across the school as a whole. She has recently been offered, and has accepted, an Honorary Licentiateship from the College of Teachers for the work that she has carried out at Ryde Academy.

Natalie has worked with many ITTs, NQTs and various universities across the country as both a subject mentor and in more recent years, Professional Mentor in schools. She has also been a regular member of interview and selection panels at Universities and in schools. Most recently she has worked with the ITT tutors at Hertfordshire University, interviewing, training and supporting School Direct and PGCE students. Last academic year she ran a consortium based programme for NQTs in Hertfordshire and at Ryde Academy and with RQTs.

Olwen Bellman

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SLE Specialism: Maths

Olwen Bellman has been working at Woodlands Community College since 2007 and she is currently the Deputy Subject Leader for Mathematics.

Olwen’s role includes the mentoring of PGCE students and NQTs within the department. She is also involved in the school’s coaching system, offering support to colleagues across the school.

She believes in developing innovative teaching practices and delivers Whole School CPD sessions with a focus on Teaching and Learning.

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