Jason Wanner

posted Oct 6, 2015, 6:52 AM by Richard Sparks   [ updated Oct 6, 2015, 6:52 AM ]
SLE Specialism: Maths

Jason is very excited to be an SLE in Mathematics at Felixstowe Academy. His role this year will focus on improving the teaching and learning in Mathematics, raising the profile of the subject and being part of the driving force that pushes the academy into good and outstanding. His previous role in the school was second in department in Mathematics, with responsibility for the Key Stage 3 curriculum. In this role, he made a lot of links with the feeder primary schools; he hosted a series of transition and booster classes and provided CPD for primary teaching staff. These went extremely well and he looks forward to working with the primary schools in an even closer capacity this year as part of his outreach work.

His expertise is in teaching and the curriculum; he believes that lessons should be dynamic and creative, promoting a love of Maths and an appreciation of the beauty of the subject. Last year, he radicalised the curriculum, introducing pure Maths lessons which went beyond the National Curriculum and explored how Maths really does transcend the perimeters of the classroom walls. Jason keeps up-to-date with recent educational theories and recent developments in the subject (he is, for example, a member of several Mathematical institutions), and incorporates these developments into his teaching practice.