Jenny Cameron

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SLE Specialism: Drama

Jenny has been teaching Drama since 1997, and has extensive experience of KS3, KS4 and KS5 Drama and Performing Arts, including A Level and BTEC Level 3, GCSE and BTEC Level 2.

She currently teaches across all key stages, and has worked to effectively raise the profile of the arts within the curriculum, forging strong links with local industry professionals and providing both curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students.

Emma Bamber

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SLE Specialism: English
Emma is a literacy subject leader in a large primary school in South Devon. She has worked in a variety of roles in the school but loves the challenge of the literacy role.

Prior to this role, Emma trained as a Reading Recovery Teacher and found this professional development invaluable in promoting good practice in reading throughout the school. Emma remains in post as a full time class teacher, combining this role with subject leadership and is a senior manager within the school.

Emma believes passionately that every child should reach their potential in all areas of literacy and has developed an approach to literacy that has triggered rising standards in a large school within a challenging catchment area. She has engaged with a good number of national programmes and has first-hand experience of their impact on standards. She is passionate about the development of literacy at primary level.

Jane Henry

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SLE Specialism: Leadership of Curriculum

Jane Henry has worked in teaching for 10 years and has extensive experience in coaching staff, both experienced and NQT, across a variety of subject areas. She is involved regularly in the delivery and development of Teaching and Learning in Millbrook Academy.

In addition to this Jane has been involved coaching small groups of staff and has led collaborative learning sessions. She has also taken part in Outstanding Teacher Programmes, Leadership Pathways and Outstanding Facilitation courses. She uses facilitation skills regularly in her own setting. Jane has the ability to lead and motivate others with a proven track record of managing change.

Matthew Blacker

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SLE Specialism: Mathematics

Over the last 15 years Matthew has taught from Y2 to Y6 at various times at 3 different schools. During this time, he worked closely with a number of staff to improve both his own and their teaching practises in order to maximise efficiency and, therefore, learning.

Matthew has a MAST qualification which has given him an even greater in-depth knowledge of mathematics.

He is currently Vice-Principal of Brockworth Primary Academy in Gloucester with responsibility for Data, Mathematics and KS2.

Paula Bell

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SLE Specialism: Modern Foreign Languages

Paula is full time teacher of MFL at a large Primary school in South Devon and also an examiner for GCSE French. She spent 20 happy years teaching Languages in a large Secondary School, which led on to her spending 7 years working as the MFL Consultant for Torbay Local Authority assisting all 31 Primary schools in the Authority on their journey to introducing, embedding and sustaining the MFL entitlement within their schools.

Paula is passionate about the value of learning languages and strongly believes language learning should be fun, engaging and real. She loves seeing the children motivated to use the language they have learnt for a real purpose fuelled by their drive to communicate with children in other countries, especially through the Comenius projects she supports and encourages in her current role.

Dominic Knill

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SLE Specialism: SEND

Dominic has been teaching for 10 years, and has taught in 3 schools. He is currently the Head of Inclusion (SENDCo, Safeguarding Lead etc.) at Brockworth Primary Academy and has gained experience of a wide range of varying circumstances.

Brockworth has recently been awarded Achievement for All Quality Lead status and is one of 16 schools nationwide to get this accolade. Dominic’s skills lie in strategic overviews, creating systems to monitor and track pupils and also data analysis and presentation. He also has experience in improving attendance and punctuality using a wide range of resources and strategies.

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