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Developing School Direct for 2015/16 through partnerships

posted Oct 12, 2015, 5:55 AM by Richard Sparks   [ updated Oct 12, 2015, 5:55 AM by Nicholas Basson ]

Reaching out to local schools

We recognise that School Direct has developed more quickly and sustainably in some areas of country. That’s why this academic year, we are particularly keen to encourage schools in geographical areas where School Direct is currently under-developed, to join already established School Direct partnerships. To do this, we rely on the extensive expertise, knowledge and networks that you have built up.

We therefore would like existing lead schools to reach out to support the start-up of School Direct in those areas, either through a targeted expansion of your partnership in this area, or where this is not feasible, lending your expertise to schools to help set up new partnerships.

If you are a teaching school or an outstanding school in an area where School Direct has yet to take hold, your local National College Associate may approach you asking you to use your important role as system leaders to help build capacity for ITT by encouraging and supporting more schools to be involved in your, or a neighbouring, area.

We will also be promoting this message to schools in areas where School Direct is under-developed, as well as offering support on how best to join a local partnership through an online seminar on 30 April.

Schools not currently involved in School Direct can also get more information on this and School Direct from our website or email school.direct@education.gsi.gov.uk.


Additional design and technology allocations

In addition to mathematics and physics places, there are additional places available for your school partnership to recruit to design and technology. You can request these places via the ARMS database, with agreement with your partner accredited provider.
Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programmes
The new SKE directory has recently been updated with new courses. Please have a look and make sure you continue to add your own programmes. To do this complete the SKE directory form and return toSKE.TA@education.gsi.gov.uk.

Do you have a question or comment about SKE? Let us know at SKE.TA@education.gsi.gov.uk.

Don’t forget we have reintroduced SKE programmes for design and technology this year, so make sure you factor this support into your recruitment plans.