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posted Oct 12, 2015, 5:53 AM by Richard Sparks   [ updated Oct 12, 2015, 5:53 AM by Nicholas Basson ]
Movement of applicants

We are aware that inevitably some of your courses are starting to fill and you may be in the position of turning down good applicants. We are keen that you consider and agree, with your accredited partner provider, where you think high-quality applicants might be suitable for other routes.

The UCAS system allows you to make offers to candidates against different routes and courses than the ones applied for without applicants needing formally to re-apply, if the candidate is agreeable. This could be switching an applicant from a School Direct salaried place to fee funded or vice versa, or between different subjects where you have an existing allocation and vacancy. Details on how to do this are available in the UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) admissions manual, Section 5, page 22. SKE funding is also available to support candidates switching the subject they train in.

Surplus applicants

You may now have filled your allocated places in some subjects and are still continuing to receive applications. To support applicants, please consider redirecting surplus applicants to other subjects you think they may be interested in training in, for example physical education to primary, or to other schools.

UCAS profile update

Please continue to ensure your entry profile is up-to-date so potential applicants can see your offer and courses which are still available. There is further guidance on the UCAS website on how to make best use of your entry profile. In particular, please focus on the 'why train with us' section, as this is where applicants are most drawn to when viewing profiles and ensure your entry requirements are specified especially for GCSE.

If you have any questions about how best to do this, please contact UCAS on 0844 984 1111 or email athei_team@ucas.ac.uk.

Applicants moving from apply 1 to apply 2

Applicants who are moving from apply 1 to apply 2 phase are unable to make amendments to their personal statements. In order for applicants to support their applications, particularly if they have changed subjects, schools are able to accept additional supporting information outside of the apply 2 system.

We will advise applicants they are able to do this using the contact details on your UCAS entry profile.

Please think about how you can support applicants to submit additional information outside of UTT to help inform your selection process and ensure good applicants are given every opportunity to showcase their suitability as they move from apply 1 to apply 2.
Please remember that you can select options on your entry profile to highlight whether your partnership is offering professional and/or postgraduate qualifications. This will ensure that your course is highlighted under these searches and will be presented as a heading on your profile page. You can do this in addition to content within your entry profile and on your own website.

For further information and news from UCAS look out for the UCAS teacher training bulletin being sent today.